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The Best Parenting Blogs For Those with Kids Who Have Disabilities

As a parent of a child with special needs, one of the most challenging things is feeling as though you’re utterly alone. Raising a child with a disability can be immeasurably tough. Even if family and friends are supportive, they really don’t understand what it’s like to struggle on a daily basis. And because they cannot relate, they won’t be able to give you the advice and consideration you need.

That’s why you should reach out to others who are facing similar challenges as you—they truly relate to what you’re going through. Since we acknowledge how important it is for you to have this kind of support at all levels, we researched some amazing blogs for all of you parents out there who just may need an extra ounce of care when it comes to raising a child with disabilities.

Embracing the Spectrum 

Teresa is the blogger who feels like the friend you want to hang out with. Her oldest son has autism and she also works with children with disabilities. She provides support, inspiration and awareness of autism and her blog talks about the daily struggles and achievements they make as a family.

Support for Special Needs 

This is an amazing forum where you as a parent can feel like you belong, and it is also a great place to get amazing guidance and insight about managing with the ups and downs of parenting a child with a disability. Contributed by a strong collection of bloggers, you can get sound knowledge and information while sharing stories about raising kids with special needs.

Love That Max

Ellen writes about her son, Max, with grace and style. With dedication, she blogs daily, and she isn’t kidding. She’s a great resource for parents of children with special needs, and this blog is full of informative and interesting posts.

Meriah Nichols

Meriah Nichols writes about travel, living with disabilities, and parenting. She herself is deaf, and she is also the mother of Moxie, who has Downs Syndrome. She is a teacher, counselor, advocate and artist, currently living in off the grid in California where she shares her stories on her blog and her photos on Instagram.

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