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Regional Centers

Throughout California, there are 21 regional centers that provide a variety of short and long-term services to children with special needs. They are contracted by the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS), which administers state law (the Lanterman Act) and regulation (Title 17) that governs the Regional Center system.

The first step in obtaining these services is for the family to apply.  The regional center will conduct an intake evaluation process to determine if your child is eligible for services.  According to the DDS website, to be eligible for services, a person must have a disability that begins before the person’s 18th birthday, be expected to continue indefinitely, and present a substantial disability.

Regional Centers in Southern California


Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (626) 299-4700
Frank D Lanterman Regional Center (213) 383-1300
Harbor Regional Center (310) 540-1711
North Los Angeles Regional Center (818) 778-1900
South Central L.A. Regional Center (213) 744-7000
Westside Regional Center (310) 258-4000​
San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center (909) 620-7722​


Inland Regional Center (909) 890-3000


San Diego Regional Center (858) 576-2996


Regional Center of Orange County (714) 796-5100

If your child is a regional center client, services can be purchased by the regional center if they’re needed because of your child’s disability, there is sufficient documentation in your child’s Individual Program Plan, and if there is no other agency responsible for providing those services.

However, each regional center is different— and there have been a lot of changes to what regional centers will and will not pay in regard to your child.

How ADA Helps

It is important to know that decisions must still be determined based on individual need according to the law, and your child cannot be turned away. ADA can advise you on best practices as well as give you information on individuals who can partner with you to assist you through the process and also provide tips on self-advocacy.

We welcome you to reach out for help. Please contact us today.