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If you are parents of a child with special needs, you must be concerned with ensuring that medical and financial decisions will continue to be made in your child’s best interest once he or she reaches age 18 — the age of legal capacity. When a child with special needs does not have the cognitive ability to direct his or her own financial or medical decisions, a conservatorship is an appropriate choice. As a parent, you can be relieved to know you can continue to direct your child’s affairs after the age of eighteen and welcome the daily involvement, especially for a child who cannot live independently.

A conservatorship is a legal process in which a conservator is appointed to make decisions about an adult’s financial world, including property and estate. If a guardianship and conservatorship is sought by you as the parent, there are many elements you need stating the reasons it is necessary.

However, acquiring a conservatorship can involve the completion of numerous court ordered forms, regional center intervention, an attorney appointed to represent your  child, a court ordered investigator, plus court appearances. This can all be very costly as well as emotionally draining.

How ADA Helps

ADA can advise you on how to obtain the necessary medical, psychological, or psychiatric opinions required, to seek the input of a guardian ad litem (a person appointed to protect the rights of the adult child), and to prepare the court petition for appointment of conservator.

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