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A Support Center for Children with Disabilities and Their Families

Caring for a child with a disability brings about unique challenges. At American Disability Association, we offer a Support Center that provides valuable resources designed to help your family.

This support is available to your child and is delivered by a team of caring, experienced professionals. We assist families in navigating the multitude of issues involved with caring for a child with a disability such as research, paperwork, and advisory.

The Support Center is here for you—providing one-on-one help and answering questions for families caring for a child with a disability. Our family support team aims to empower you and relieve you of any confusion or frustration you may feel when you just need the right information.

Our Support Center Offers Information About:

  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
  • IHSS Appeals
  • Conservatorships
  • IEP Resources
  • Regional Centers
  • Child Therapy Resources
  • Legal Assistance Information
  • Financial Services Assistance

We serve children and their families living with disabilities.

We welcome you to reach out for help. Please contact us today.