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More than forty percent of families with a child with special needs report experiencing significant financial stress. Thirty percent of parents of children with disabilities quit their jobs or significantly cut back in order to provide care for their child. This isn’t anything new to those of you who are experiencing this. However, how do you balance the challenges of caring for your child as well as paying all the bills sufficiently?

That is the big question for most parents.

Because staying at home doesn’t just mean that you are baking cookies and playing patty-cake. It means you’re on the phone arguing with your insurance company about getting services, attending multiple meetings about school, and transporting your child from speech therapy to doctor appointments. And because the service system for kids with disabilities is not as well defined, there’s not as much appropriate treatment available, and what is available needs to be fought for.

Experts say that caring for a child with special needs is like running a fulltime business—it requires at least one person who is dedicating a continual effort. And while some of you have been able to return to the workforce, most of the time, it's not possible.

And so, what is the solution? Can you get paid to stay at home to care for your child?

If you're trying to figure out eligibility criteria and are overwhelmed by the complicated application process, we can help.

We’ll walk you through each stage of the lengthy and complex application process, while helping you make sense of the information and giving you the support you need, in plain language, with a focus on your family.

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"This organization is the best! They went out of their way to help our family. Every step of the way was easy and each of the employees I talked to had the best customer service I have ever experienced. They really know what they are doing and do it in a very timely manner. I will be referring them to anyone I know who has a child with disabilities."

"This group is amazing! They have worked hard to get my family the assistance that my two boys need, as well as the help that I need as a single mom. Any questions I have had, they have taken time to answer, and the forms/paperwork haven't been overwhelming. This group has not disappointed me as others have! I am so thankful for their encouragement and most importantly, their support. Please give them a call. You won't regret it!!"

"They have helped me understand that my daughter's needs are important and I deserve the income I have been blessed with. It was their support, guidence, and caring for our family that made all this possible. I am so thankful for their team and organization."

Every child with special needs deserves full supervised care, and no family should be turned away.

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