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How to Financially Handle Being a Single Mom Raising a Child with Special Needs

Have you had to cut your hours, or completely quit your job to take care of your child who has a disability? You’re not alone. Many single moms are struggling just like you to pay the bills while sufficiently care for their child with special needs. How do you handle all the responsibilities alone?

That’s what In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) is geared to resolve. IHSS is a program in California that provides funds to either hire a caregiver, or receive payment as the caregiver for your child.

It can help you financially so you can stay home and take care of your child—so you can go to all the doctor appointments and therapies, you can directly oversee the services, and you can monitor what your child receives.

What services does IHSS provide?

  • Protective Supervision: safeguard from injury for persons with mental impairments
  • Personal Care Services/Non–Medical Care: bathing, feeding and toileting
  • Domestic Services: meal preparation, cleaning, laundry and taking out the garbage
  • Transportation: driving and accompanying to medical appointments
  • Paramedical Tasks: assistance with medications, bowel and bladder care or catheter insertion

How does IHSS calculate how many hours I get?

The State has limited monthly services hours to 195 hours per month for non–severely impaired applicants and 283 hours per month for the severely impaired. The County Social Services Agency is responsible for doing a needs assessment at the time of application and yearly thereafter to determine how many hours an applicant will receive monthly.

The assessment evaluates:

  • Your child’s physical/mental condition, living/social situation and ability to perform various functions of daily life
  • Your statement of need
  • Your child’s medical records and/or the physicians’ statement of need
  • Other documentation that may be necessary and appropriate to assess the need

How do I apply for IHSS?

You must complete an IHSS application. Once IHSS receives your application, a caseworker will be assigned to conduct a needs assessment. During the needs assessment, the caseworker will come into your home and ask you questions about your child’s physical and mental capacity in order to determine the need for financial assistance. After the needs assessment, the IHSS caseworker will contact you and let you know if you have been approved or denied the service.

As always, if you need help, we are here for you.

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