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Helping Your Child with Autism Deal with the End of School

It is almost the end of the school year and things are winding down. With summer almost here, children are more excited, louder. Special days are arranged such as school plays, school trips and summer fairs. For a child with autism who struggles with change and needs routine and structure to make sense of the world, this time of year can be very difficult. Suddenly school isn’t how it’s meant to be, it becomes unpredictable and anxiety inducing. It can almost be unbearable. How do you help your child with autism deal with the end of the school year?

Prepare Your Child with Autism

Preparation is key. Before changing the timetable or doing an unexpected activity, warn your child with autism. Explain what is going to happen in detail.

Consider making a new end of term timetable. Put on it all the different activities and when they are happening so they can help prepare your child each evening and morning before he or she goes to school. Don’t make changes to this timetable on the day.

Talk with the Teacher

Talk to your child’s teacher about ways to make school easier at this time. Could they take ear defenders if they might need them or do alternative activities, sit with you for assemblies?

For some children with autism, this time of year can be so bad that they might start to refuse school. Some days are just too different and can be too much for them. While some schools may put in place measures to help your child cope, others may not and it may be worth considering talking to your child’s teacher about taking them home for the worst times.

Make it Visual

Make a visual timetable for each day and talk your child with autism through what is going to happen, making sure he or she understands. Remind him or her of activities that are coming up next.

Consider giving your child a short social story each day about what will be happening the next day. This can be either in picture or written form depending on their level of understanding. This would be especially good for unusual days such as trips or sports days.

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