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The Best Way to Help Your Child with Special Needs

Parenting. There are so many moments when you feel lost and confused because you’re worrying about your child with special needs. There are sleepless nights when you wonder if you are being the best you can be. Because, let’s face it: even with all the precious, heartwarming moments, raising your child can still feel exhausting while it challenges you to your core.

You know that for your child to succeed in life, you will need to be equipped with the right resources to help pull you through. This includes accurate information regarding the IEP process and special education programs within your school district.

We’ve witnessed multiple instances when special education programs fall short in helping children with disabilities. As a parent in this situation, it is tough to battle the school system. You often become frustrated as you attempt to acquire the education your child deserves. And when this doesn’t happen, it is normal to feel shocked and angry.

Furthermore, IEP meetings feel daunting. You are alone as the parent in a room with school district representatives who understand the process and know the language. Given these dynamics, it is not surprising that you feel intimidated.

What is the solution? Become an advocate.

After dealing with the inevitable reactions, it’s time to take control. The first step is to search for information and for solutions to the problems confronting you. Gather all your energy and focus on what is important: getting the services your child needs.

This means you must become an expert. Read everything you can get your hands on regarding your child’s disability. Learn the acronyms. Study the laws. Discover the best ways to manage his or her care.

Research every type of evaluation, including psychological, educational, neuropsychological, psychiatric neurological, and what these evaluations measure. This includes what services are out there to assist your child in becoming the best he or she can be. Depending upon your child’s unique challenges, this can comprise of speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy too.

Once you obtain accurate information and know the lay of the land, the second thing you need to find is support. This journey is more difficult if you try to navigate it alone.

With a robust amount of support, you will not be as worried anymore. You will feel organized, prepared, calm and assured. You will know exactly what it takes to see that your child gets what he or she is entitled to receive.

As always, if you need help, we are here for you.

American Disability Association is dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of children with disabilities and actively provides support to enhance their quality of life. Whether you are dealing with federal or state benefits or struggling with a school district to get proper education for your child, we have the resources to help you. Many individuals and families managing a disability are not aware of the wide array of services available to them, or they do not know how to apply for these benefits in a way that is likely to succeed.

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