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Your Child with Down Syndrome: Early Intervention

Medical professionals agree that early intervention services can greatly help children with disabilities. An organized program of therapy, early intervention includes exercises and activities created to concentrate on developmental delays that may be experienced by children with Down syndrome or other disabilities.

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Tips on Talking With Your Child With Special Needs About Tragic Events

When terrible events happen, you as a parent may find yourself uncomfortably fielding questions from your child. He may understandably have lots of questions and concerns, and in some cases, he may experience some anxiety, and worry that something similar could happen to him or to his family.

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Advocating at School for Your Child with Disabilities

Children with disabilities have rights to services in school under federal and state laws. Special education is not just a specific place for your child to go; it is a set of services developed with your child in mind. Approximately six million students in the United States obtain special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

But getting started with the special education process can be daunting if you are new to all of it. The right resources and support can help make it a little easier so you as a parent can be your child with special needs best advocate.
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Your Educational Rights as a Parent of a Child with a Disability

It’s tough as a parent of a child with a disability. When your child starts school, you hope that the teachers and school staff have your child’s best interests in mind. But how do you know if your child with special needs is getting the educational services he or she deserves?

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Are You a Parent of a Child with Autism who is Stressed Out? How to Cope

Parenting is a mix of joyful moments and times of stress. And dealing with the reality of a diagnosis of autism may take a bit of getting used to. You may mourn the loss of the hopes and dreams you once held for your child – and that is completely natural. But what if your feelings of loss, sadness or anger don’t go away?

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First Day of School: Get Your Child with Special Needs on Track for Success

While the first day of school can be daunting for many children, those with special needs can find the change of routine and social aspects especially frightening. So how can you make starting school for your child easier?

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9 Great Summer Camps for Your Child with Special Needs

When you think of summer camp, memories of making new friends and participating in new experiences arise. As a parent of a child with special needs, there are many organizations that you can look into so your child may experience the fun of summer camp as well.

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How to Financially Handle Being a Single Mom Raising a Child with Special Needs

Have you had to cut your hours, or completely quit your job to take care of your child who has a disability? You’re not alone. Many single moms are struggling just like you to pay the bills while sufficiently care for their child with special needs. How do you handle all the responsibilities alone? Read More

The Best Parenting Blogs For Those with Kids Who Have Disabilities

As a parent of a child with special needs, one of the most challenging things is feeling as though you’re utterly alone. Raising a child with a disability can be immeasurably tough. Even if family and friends are supportive, they really don’t understand what it’s like to struggle on a daily basis. And because they cannot relate, they won’t be able to give you the advice and consideration you need.

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Financial Benefits for Families with a Child with Special Needs


Once your child is diagnosed, you as a parent have a lot to ponder. Schooling, therapy, lifestyle changes, special services. There are a multitude of choices you must make on a daily basis, and making these decisions can seem overwhelming. And the biggest question of all feels like a tremendous burden: How do you pay for all of these things?

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