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About American Disability Association

American Disability Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization supporting children with disabilities and their families. We believe every child with special needs deserves a future. This includes providing them with a safe environment, resources for therapies, the opportunity to learn, and the financial assistance to live a fulfilling life. That’s why we are committed to offering resources for those who need it most—the families facing challenges in caring for children with disabilities.

Whether you are dealing with federal or state benefits, you are looking for different therapy options, or you are struggling with a school district to get proper education for your child, we have the resources to help you. Many individuals and families managing a disability are not aware of the wide array of services available to them, or they do not know how to apply for these benefits in a way that is likely to succeed. ADA fills those gaps where schools, insurance, and regional centers fail to offer the services your family requires.


American Disability Association promotes the wellbeing and protection of children with disabilities and actively provides support to enhance their quality of life.


We envision making the world a better place for children with disabilities where together we lead lives that are healthy, safe, and improved with greater opportunities for themselves as well as their families.

We believe

Children Come First
American Disability Association believes that all children with disabilities are defined by their own gifts, capabilities, and intrinsic value, not by their disability.

Collaboration is Essential
American Disability Association believes that we together should all work for the common good, because children deserve compassion, encouragement, and respect.

Diversity is Beautiful
American Disability Association believes that children with special needs have the right to equal treatment and the chance to live in a healthy, inclusive environment.

Transparency, Integrity, and Excellence are Key
American Disability Association believes that an organization should be devoted to integrity, accountability, and excellence in all it accomplishes.